History of Church

In retrospect, KMB is the “mother church” of the Ontario Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Its founding in 1925 gave it an exciting and optimistic beginning. Many of the founding members had personal ties to the early Mennonite Brethren churches in what is now Russia and Ukraine. In recognition of this close connection, it was first named Molotschna Mennonite Brethren Church of Kitchener. From the start there was rapid numerical and healthy spiritual growth. There also was significant organizational development. This growth resulted in the creation of new churches.

KMB continues to develop leaders and to sustain growth. As in the New Testament churches, the Lord has stood by our congregation. To be sure, the church and its members have experienced testing in their faith, but God was faithful to give the needed grace. Today, KMB shows much evidence of a healthy church at work in the Kingdom of God.

KMB has enjoyed strong pastoral leadership throughout its history. In the last 25 years KMB has added associate and youth pastors to the mix. Lay leadership at KMB also has developed. The Church Leadership Board has been authorized by the KMB membership to govern the affairs and assets of the church. All ministry functions are under the leadership of Pastors Alex and Mark.


Changes and Developments at KMB

As times changed, ministries evolved such that today we have a strong Christian Education department, Vacation Bible School, life groups, youth ministries, and other programs.

Around 1988 a major change in worship style also made its way to KMB with the formation of worship teams in place of the song leader and pianist format. With it came a new array of contemporary praise songs. We currently offer a blended mix of traditional and contemporary songs to accommodate all tastes.

Renovations continue on our building to meet the needs of a growing church membership and the expansion of ministries at KMB.


History of Church Leadership

Jacob P. Friesen, Pastor 1925–1932
Henry H. Janzen, Pastor 1932–1944
Jacob A. Kutz, Leadership Chair 1944–1945
Henry G. Thielman, Pastor 1945–1949
Frank C. Peters, Pastor 1949–1954
Isaac T. Ewert, Interim Pastor 1954
Jacob J. Toews, Pastor 1954–1959
William J. Schmidt, Pastor 1959–1964
Isaac H. Thiessen, Interim Pastor 1964–1965
Frank C. Peters, Pastor 1965–1973
Henry Dueck 1973–1974
John F. Froese, Pastor 1974–1985
Ted Braun, Assistant Pastor 1979–1981
Jim Pike, Assistant Pastor 1981–1986
John Wall, Pastor 1986–1989
Rod Willems, Associate Pastor 1986–1987
Ron Toews, Associate Pastor 1987–1989
Ron Toews, Pastor 1989–1994
Gareth Goossen, Youth Pastor 1989–1994
Bill Lehman, Associate Pastor 1990–1994
Bob Rempel, Associate Pastor 1994–1999
Allan Labun, Pastor 1994–2000
Grant Gordon, Interim Pastor 2000–2002
Vidya Narimalla, Lead Pastor 2002–2016
Jonathan Freethy, Associate Pastor 2005–2006
Alex Suderman, Associate Pastor 2007–2018
Mark Beach, Youth Pastor 2009–2015
Mark Beach, Associate Pastor 2015–2018
Bill Stubbs, Transitional Pastor 2018–present